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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

We’re committed to becoming more welcoming, fair and representative, every day.

That means:

  • Representing the diversity of identities and backgrounds that exist within our communities,

  • Actively working to remove or overcome systemic barriers and inequalities so that everyone has fair, equitable access to the same opportunities at Zoopla, and

  • Fostering a welcoming culture that celebrates diversity and values inclusion

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Our current DE&I ambitions


Increase the ethnic diversity of our London-based roles


Improve the representation of women at all levels of our organisation


Create a more consistent experience and sense of belonging among employees, regardless of identity or background

Champion Networks and Affinity Groups

Our DE&I Champion Networks are led by volunteers from every corner of the business, and are supported with budgets and senior sponsorship. They each have individual missions, but share the purpose of amplifying underrepresented voices and creating communities of belonging.

What gets measured, gets done

At Houseful, our regular engagement surveys ask DE&I questions to help us measure progress and offer people a chance to shape our DE&I plans. We’re transparent with our data and talk openly and regularly with our employees about how we’re performing against our DE&I targets.

Graphic of Annual Diversity report

Gender Pay Gap

In addition to reporting annually, we review our gender pay gap internally every month, and share it with our employees every quarter along with any action updates. Working with real-time data helps us understand how we’re tracking across the year and ultimately what we need to do next to keep improving gender representation and equity at Houseful.

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Woman reading phone in her hand, holding a coffee in her other hand